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Known in Australasia as the Transvaal War or nowadays, the Boer War,
the War is described by Afrikaner people as Tweede Vryheidsoorlog or
the Second Freedom War. It is also known as the South African War and
generally as the Anglo-Boer War. Welcome and Welkom!


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 Victorian Nurses in the Boer War

Victoria's Boer War Memorials -- NEW LIST

Langwarrin Camp of Instruction

Victorian Enabling Acts

Victorian Mounted Contingents

1st Australian Regiment

First Victorian killed in action

2nd (Mounted Rifles) Contingent

4th Victorian 'Imperial' Contingent

5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Battle of Wilmansrust (5 VMR)

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MORE GENERAL INFORMATION . . . UPDATED 24 June 1999, and 6 December 2007


Military Units Against the Boer Republics -- A significant listing from RSA  
The Concentration Camps--extensive and informative, but sometimes a bit shrill 
List of South African Museums with Boer War material -- Plan your own tour
S. Af. Military History Society -- notes on celebrations, link to commercial tour company.
Anglo-Boer War Town Guard Forts in the Eastern Cape, 1901-2

  • 63 Vict. No. 1619 (Victorian Military Contingent Act)
  • 63 Vict. No. 1640 (Allowing public contributions)
  • 63 Vict. No. 1627 (35,000 pounds for 2nd Contingent)
  • 63 Vict. No. 1655 (30,000 pounds for 3rd Contingent)
  • 64 Vict. No. 1698 (45,000 for further Contingents)
Victorians going to the Boer War were drilled, trained,
organised, disciplined, clothed, equipped and supplied
with horses at Langwarrin Camp (Langwarrin is now an
outer suburb of Melbourne).
Little instruction was needed for the first contingents.
Officers and men were mostly drawn from local regiments.
But from the 'Bushmen's' Contingent onwards, several
weeks were required to provide basic training.
No horses returned from South Africa.
[Source: Murray, Lt-Col P. L.: Official Records of the Australian
Military Contingents to the War in South Africa: Govt Printer:
Melbourne, c 1911]

Records showing the burial or memorial sites for 500 Australian
casualties of the Boer War are to be returned to Australia. The
records will be looked after by the Office of War Graves upon
their return from South Africa. [Herald-Sun, Melb.: 18. 3. 98: p. 13]
See also: Price John E.: They Proved To All The Earth: A source book
of Victoria's Dead in the South African War 1899-1902: The Author:
n.d, c. 1981.

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