Born and raised in Australia. Neither one of us are from farming backgrounds and both work full time off the farm

at Mars Confectionery.

We live near Clunes which is about 170 kilometers west of Melbourne.Which is about 95 minutes trip by car from Melbourne to Clunes. Clunes is our closest town with a population of about 2000 people. Clunes was settled in 1838 by a Scotsman by the name of Donald Cameron . Donald named Clunes after his hometown . In Gaelic Clunes means pleasant place.

In 1994 we started breeding Highland cattle with the purchase of one inspected cow and calf and three luings to be used as our base for a grading up program. Since then we have rapidly grown to running at most times 40 head of highland cattle.

At 120 acres our farm is not large enough to be our Sole Supply of income. So we aim to run 20 breeding age animals

and 12 steers a year. The steers are to supply our customers with the beef they have all become accustom to eating.

We spend a considerable amount of time promoting our animals at field days and major shows We promote Highland Cattle for their temperament ,ease of calving ,low cholesterol beef and their by products of horns and hides.



Moros of Glengarry was our very first Highland


 Sue & Jeff Boland 125 McKinleys Road, Clunes, Victoria, 3370, Australia.

Phone:~ 03 5345 3657