Scottish Highland Cattle are renowned around the world for producing high

quality beef which is lower in fat and chelestrol and higher in protein ,iron

than other beef with excellent flavour and tenderness , but this can only

be achieved by raising , handling and feeding the animals in a natural and

calm manner.


Claremont farm HIGHLAND BEEF is a healthy alternative to commercially

available beef prouducts. Our beef , although not certified organic, is as

naturally raised as we can possibly make it.


Our young bull calves are dehorned and castrated between 2 and 3 months

old and returned to their mothers until weaning at 7 months .


Our cattle range free on clean pasture and are fed high quality hay and grain

through out the year. No additives such as growth hormones, implants and

low-dose antibiotics are used, although they are routinely wormed and

vaccinated. As highlands are naturally very hardy antibiotics are used only in

extreme circumstances.


All our cattle , regardless of age and sex, enjoy free ranging pasture. Our

steers are fed additional grain during the few months prior to slaughter.

They are killed between 24 -30 months of age. The beef is provincially

inspected and hung for 14 days . We are in constant touch with our butcher

during the hanging and cutting process to ensure a high quality product.


Our beef is normally sold by carcass in wholes ,halves or quarters - the

price being based on the carcass weight as hung on the rail .


 Sue & Jeff Boland 125 McKinleys Road, Clunes, Victoria, 3370, Australia.

Phone:~ 03 5345 3657